10,749 is a water park racing game that is very similar to the popular game. In this super cool .io game online, you well take control of a little duck and compete against other ducks in a crazy water slide racing tournament! The mission of this game is to overtake other racers and be the first duckling in the bath. It may sound easy, but you will be surprised how difficult it can get. You will be experiencing adrenaline rush while riding on the water slide at extreme speeds. If you don’t steer well around the corners, you may end up flying in the air. It will be much harder to control your character in the air. But, if you manage to land properly, you can actually leave all other ducks behind and become the winner. Use your arrows or A/D keys while swimming or flying to steer left/right, these are the only controls you will have to use. Let’s see if you can help your little duckling in both disciplines and win the water race!