Drawaria Online


drawaria onlineDrawaria Online or simply known as Drawaria.io is another super-fun multiplayer drawing .io game that will keep you occupied for a long time! If you are a fan of other similar games in this category such as Skribbl.io or Gartic.io, you will really love this one! This game is not only about drawing pictures, but also about guessing words. Your objective in Drawaria game online is to guess a word which other player have drawn. Compete against others who will try to be better than you and guess the words faster. You will earn points for each of the successfully guessed drawings. The game offers 2 modes: Pictionary mode which is a word guessing game with player score tracking and Playground mode in which you can draw freely with an option to upload your creation to the gallery. You can access the scoreboard and gallery from the main menu. Let’s see if you have some talent for art in this awesome io game online called Drawaria.io!