diep.ioDiep.io, also known as Tank.io is another awesome .io game online, in which you will compete against players around the world and their tanks. In Diep.io, you take a control of a tank and your mission is to upgrade it and to survive enemy encounters, while killing them. There are multiple game modes to choose from (FFA, Survival, Team, Domination, Tag, Maze, Sandbox). Drive your tank with the W,A,S,D keys. Move your mouse cursor to aim, press space bar or left click to shoot from your canon. Avoid crashing into obstacles and being hit by the enemy shots, they will reduce your health. Shoot down obstacles and enemy tanks to earn experience points and to level up. Equip the tank with various types of canons to make it more powerful. Your current level and score are both displayed at the bottom of the screen. After you got killed, you can see your high score on the recapitulation screen. How strong can your tank become?