25,294 game is one of the best io games online that is about evolution and survival. You take the role of a little creature and your objective is to grow, evolve and survive. Navigate your animal around the map and try to bite your rivals from behind. At the same time, you need to protect your back from others to survive. Upgrade your creature as you advance. You can unlock special skills/abilities once you level up. Your creature can have jumping, flying, sprinting skills etc. They will help you escape from the stronger enemies when your are being followed and chase down the weaker ones if you want to eat them. Select one of the servers and start playing. Move your mouse cursor and the creature will follow it. Press Q,W,E keys to use the special abilities. If you ever get killed by an opponent, you will re-spawn in few seconds and will have to start again. You can also customize the look of your creature using different skins and colors.