Bullet Town


bullet townBullet Town or BulletTown.io is hilarious shooting io game online with an objective. Your goal is to become a Major of Bullet Town by collecting cash and bringing it to the local bank. Compete against other players who will all want to become the major. Navigate your character around the streets of city, pick up weapons, kill your enemies and get those money sacks to the vault as quickly as possible. Player with the most cash collected at the end of each round is the winner. There are 8 characters to choose from. Use your arrow keys to move your character. Use your mouse to aim and click to shoot. Press R to reload your weapon. Press E or right click to pick up weapons and other items such as health kits or bullet proof vests. There are many kinds of different weapons like shot guns, machine guns and rocket launchers. While you are carrying the money sack, your character is walking much slower. Earn $3000 to win the game.