17,045, also known as 2 is a cool zombie apocalypse survival game online. It is a massive multiplayer death-match type game online. In this sequel to the first, you will take the role of a human that is escaping from a horde of hungry zombies. Your main mission is to find a room inside a building and fortify your positions as precisely as possible. Use pieces of furniture and other objects to block doors, so the zombies can’t get you. When the match starts, there is a high amount of humans cooperating with each other against the zombies. If a zombie bites a human, he becomes one of them and converts to their side. Zombies are faster than humans and their only single objective is to bite humans and eat their brains. Soon there are almost no humans left on the map and it is a challenge for them to survive. Use your arrow keys to play the game. Which side you will end up fighting with? Humans or zombies???