14,288 is a super fun car driving .io game online, in which your objective is to become the best pilot of an armored robot vehicle. This game is all about crafting and destruction! Design your tank, equip it with weapons, navigate it around the map and fight enemy players from all around the world. Use your arrow keys to steer into directions, left click to shoot at the enemy. Your guns will be aiming into the direction of your mouse cursor. Press your F key to repair your vehicle. Collect the green boxes to increase your score and to get to the leaderboard. You can start customizing your tank once you click on the red CRAFT button in the main menu. Use your mouse to select various parts and weapons from the left side of your screen and move them onto your vehicle. Once ready, click on the SAVE button to use your design. Can you create the most powerful vehicle and defeat your enemies in online game at IOGames.Best?