15,782 is an interesting combination of and Snake titles. In at IOGames.Best, you control a worm-like character made out of colorful cubes and your goal is to surround objects to eat them. By consuming the objects, your tail becomes bigger, allowing you to consume even more! Try to become the longest snake on the server to win the game. At the beginning of each match, the smartest strategy is to encircle the smallest objects. Once your tail grows longer, you can start surrounding larger objects. There are many different kinds of environments where you will be playing (office, park, farm, city…). Watch your progress on the leaderboard on top of the screen. In each level, the last snake on the leaderboard will be eliminated. If you finish in top 3, you will earn a badge. Move your mouse cursor to navigate your snake around the map. Can you become the longest snake and eat all your surroundings in