12,856 is an addicting survival .io game online, in which you take the role of a funny creature with enormously big teeth. Control your character around the game world, bite others and eat them to grow bigger. Try to survive for as long as possible. Eat cookies scattered around the map to heal. Fill your stamina via pools to be able to use your dash ability. Move your mouse cursor around the screen and your character will follow it. Click using your left mouse button to open your mouth and bite. Start biting whenever you are close to the food, water, or to an enemy character. Use your right mouse button to use the dash ability, this can be helpful to chase down enemies and to escape from fights. Watch your stats displayed in the main menu. Customize your creature using various interesting skins, that can be accessed from the main menu. Can you eat all enemies and become the biggest Biter on the server in at IOGames.Best?