29,288 is a crazy stickman fighting .io game online, in which you will compete against other players in a multiplayer free-for-all arena battle. Enter the arena and use your bow and arrow to shoot down your enemies. The game offers amazing physics, fun gameplay and awesome weapons. Jump from platform to platform and take cover to defend yourself from the incoming shots. If you get hit by an enemy player’s projectile, you will lose hit points. Head shots are more powerful than regular hits. There is a cool-down after each shot. Pick up different power-ups to increase the strength of your attacks and to restore your health. Once you get killed, you will shortly re-spawn on a random place on the map. Use your W,A,S,D keys to navigate your stickman character around the map. Move your mouse to aim, click to shoot. Right click to drop a bomb, right click again to make it explode. Can you win the battle in game online?