14,846 is a ship fighting team deathmatch .io game online. Control your boat and battle enemy players all around the sea. Attack the enemy ships using your bombs and destroy their base. Help your team to become the winner of each match. Collect various power-ups (crates) floating in the water. Collect the mine crates to push your giant bomb towards the enemy base, it moves closer with each crate you pick up. Collect the XP crates to upgrade your ship. Once you have enough XP, you will get a better cannon. Pick up the ammo crates to reload your cannon. Collect the repair kits to repair your ship, if it’s damaged. Control your ship using your arrows, W,A,S,D keys or by moving your mouse. Press your space bar to start shooting. Press your Q and E keys to fire bombs into directions. Click using your left mouse button to move freely or to automatically shoot at the enemies. Can you help your team survive in