15,430 ( is a fantastic multiplayer arena fighting game online and it is one of the greatest io games on our site! Become an axeman, wander around the map and throw your axe towards enemy players to kill them. Don’t worry if you lose your weapon, you can always grab one that is laying on the ground. In you can customize your character using skins of various colors. Use your left mouse button or press space bar to perform an attack and throw your axe. Use your right mouse button or press W key for a speed boost. You can use the speed boost ability in situations where others are attacking you, or just when you want to chase down someone. Collect the colored dots in your surroundings, they will increase your score. Try to be the best player on the server to get listed on the global leaderboard. Let’s see if you can time your attacks perfectly to kill as many opponent axemen as possible in game online!