17,122 is a mass multiplayer arena combat .io game online that will check your archery skill. In at IOGames.Best, you take the role of a circular character and you have to navigate him around the map to shoot arrows at other players using your bow. Kill wild creatures and earn experience points. Use those XP to improve your attributes. Your experience bar is displayed at the bottom of the window, your current level and attributes at the left of the screen. Move your character around the game world using your W,A,S,D keys. Use your mouse to aim and shoot. Click your left mouse button and hold to start shooting, release to shoot. Use your right mouse button for a special arrow such as Lightning Arrow, Poison Arrow, Freezing Arrow and Multi Arrow. Follow the grey arrow, it will guide you to the leader of the server. Try to kill him and get on the top of the leaderboard. Can you become the best archer in game?