16,161 is here! This summer, we will be at the water park! Enjoy this super fun water attraction .io game online and try to become the fastest guy on the track! Race down the water slides, overtake positions of your opponents and make it to the finish line as quickly as possible. When sliding is not enough for you to win, you can always take off the track and fly! Be careful while flying though, it is harder to control your character while gliding in the air. If you don’t manage to land properly, it’s a game over for you! You can also get rid off your opponents by simply pushing them off the track. Use your arrow keys or mouse to play this game. Click and hold your left mouse button, then move it to steer left and right. Avoid hitting the obstacles, they will slow you down. After the race is finished, the top 3 players will be displayed on the leaderboard, can you become one of them? Let’s find out in this great io game called!