13,424, also known as or, is a multiplayer survival strategy .io game online about ants and other insects. Take a control on an ant warrior who leads an army of other insects. Your objective is to fight enemy armies to become the strongest army of them all! Move around the map and find food that can feed your insects and make your army bigger. There are many kinds of sweets and other food all around, but it takes time to eat it. The game offers 10 different insect species you can recruit into your army. Once your army gets big enough, you can start fighting other players. Use your arrows or W,A,S,D keys to move your army around the map. Click and hold your left mouse button to order your insects into attack. Release your left mouse button to fall back and call your soldiers out of the battle. Click the buttons at the bottom of the screen or press your 1-0 numeric keys to recruit new troops of insects.