29,391 is an interesting animal simulator .io game online about ants surviving in the nature. Become a little ant, explore the entire world and colonize it! There are countless opportunities! When a new game is started, the player with the highest rank in your team will become a new queen. Queens can create nests and lay eggs. Find a spot to create a nest. Pick a good spot near dry patches (light brown specks), so food can be stored there. Expand your nest by digging deeper into the ground. Take the dirt out of the nest. Use your arrow keys or left click to move. Right click or double tap to interact with objects. Find food such as greens and bugs to feed the queen and brood. Lead your fellow ants outside, they will help you gather more food. Beware the predators on the surface, they will try to eat your ants. If you are lost, follow the white arrow back to the nest. Can you create the biggest ant colony possible in game online?