Angry Snakes


angry snakesAngry Snakes in an addicting .io game online inspired by the famous title called Control an extremely angry snake, navigate him around the map and eat food to grow bigger. Compete against your friends or other players around the globe. Try to become the longest angry snake of them all and dominate the arena. Collect the glowing dots along your way, they will make your snake grow in size. Your opponents will try to block you, surround you and kill you. You can do the same to them! Cross the paths of your enemies to make them crash into your body and kill them. When a snake dies, the remains can be collected to grow bigger! The longer your snake is, the easier it is to surround others. Control the snake by moving your mouse into directions. Click and hold your mouse button to use a speed boost, it will decrease your size over-time. Try to survive for as long as possible by preventing enemy snakes from killing you.