201,889, also known as Agario is now available at our Best Io Games site! It is a combination of an MMO game and a strategy survival game. You start as a single cell. Consume other players to grow larger! Eat colorful cells that are smaller than you and avoid being eaten by the bigger ones. Follow these 2 simple rules: Consume only targets that are smaller than you to evolve. Avoid larger objects at all costs, or otherwise you will die! Use your mouse to play the game. Press W to eject mass and space bar to split yourself. Enter the party mode to play with your friends in the same arena. Compete against millions of players around the globe and dominate the World of colorful cells. Try to become the biggest cell of them all. is one of the most popular online io games of all times and it has become a phenomenon. It is incredibly easy to pick up and start playing, but hard to master. You can play it anytime at IOGames.Best!