1v1.lol1v1.LOL is a new battle royale .io game online that took inspiration from the super-famous Fortnite title. It is a third person 3D shooter with elements of building. As in Fortnite, you will be able to build defensive structures in 1v1.LOL game. Compete against players in an arena, build platforms and try to be the last man standing. The game also features very similar building mechanics, where you simply see your structure in the air before you build it. There are multiple different types of pieces that can be combined together (walls, stairs, floor panels, roof panels). Use your imagination and creativity to build an outstanding fortress, so you can get and advantage over your opponents and no one will be able to kill you. There are 3 game modes in 1v1.LOL: JustBuild (practice), 1v1 (battle royale), Party (team based). As you can see, there is a possibility to team up with your friends in this game. Create a party, join your forces and be the best!