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supersnake.ioSupersnake. is a snake . game online similar to the famous and you can enjoy it for at! The main objective in these two games is the same. Eat food around the map to grow bigger. Compete against other players and eat their snakes. However there are few differences. In, only higher level snakes can eat lower level ones. Eat red dots or lower level snakes to grow bigger. Eat green dots to get a 5 seconds protection against other snakes. Eat blue dots to increase your movement speed for 5 seconds. Eat pink dots to increase the dose of your venom. Eat golden dots to become the Supersnake. Use your A,D keys or move your cursor while holding your left mouse button to move. Press W to spit your venom towards enemy snakes. Press S to use a bomb against bigger snakes. Avoid touching the sharp obstacles and red areas, they will kill you. Can you become the biggest snake in