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rusher.ioRusher. is a arena fighting . game online, in which you take the role of a circular character and your objective is to navigate him around the map to stab other players using his sword. The game is very simple and easy to learn, but very hard to master. Wander around the arena and collect colorful pieces of along the way to fill your boost bar. The collected will also make your sword grow bigger. The more you collect, the longer the sword becomes and the easier it is to . Move your cursor around the screen and your character will follow it. Click your left mouse button to use the speed boost. Activate the speed boost whenever you are being followed by an enemy player, or if you want to chase someone down. Watch your current game on the top left and the leaderboard on the top right of your screen. Try to get yourself to the top 10 players list in game online at IOGames.Best.