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braains.ioBraains. is a fantastic survival . game online. Your mission in Braains. is to a apocalypse within a given . At first, you start as a human and you need to from zombies. If the zombies bite you, you become one of them and your objective becomes the exact opposite than before. Once you have became a zombie, your goal is to chase down all human characters and try to bite them. Navigate your character around the map using your arrows or W,A,S,D keys. If you are a human, try to hide inside buildings and behind large objects by moving them, so the zombies will have a hard to find you. If you are a zombie just as quickly as you can and try to transform as many humans as possible. is one of the coolest survival games at our site and you will have loads of fun while playing it. Whether you are a human or a zombie, try to do your best and become the winning team!